A DIFFERENT Festival is a cultural festival that invites creators from all walks of life to come together to create a place that connects different individuals by celebrating our uniqueness.

A DIFFERENT Festival will be held approximately each year at different places and during different times of the year. We aim to book creators, such as but not limited to, musicians, artists, dancers, poets, comedians, designers, photographers, jugglers, skateboarders, etc. Our plan is to provide a stage for creators to collaborate across cultures and genres.

The idea of A DIFFERENT Festival came from a shared experience that we go to certain types of festivals, expecting certain groups of people and encountering certain values and culture. That is why we need A DIFFERENT Festival where audiences do not know what they sign up for exactly but fun, culture, food, and a different experience.

We believe that “we are different and the same”. This festival embraces our differences (aka, similarity) in every possible way from ticket sales to stage designs. For example, first 3 tiers of tickets will only be able to be purchased in group of 2 or more, which means that this festival is an experience that should be shared with an individual who is definitely different from you (we are all different). Tier 4 can be purchased individually but these audiences will be paired up with someone at the entrance of the festival.

Due to the basic infrastructure of the festival, acts will automatically be from a diverse range. For example, the festival may have more creators from the States when it is held in the States while there may be more creators from Asia when it is held in Asia. Yet this is only the more practical plan for the first four or five years of the festival. After the first couple years of the festival, we will be able to book at least equal amount of creators from the location where the festival will be held and creators from other places.

We are anticipating financial support from potential shareholders and support from booking agencies, medias, etc. There has not been a total anticipated budget based on the currently research and planning for this festival.

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